4Voice offers customized solutions to its customers with the best available price/value ratio. Small and medium enterprises, as well as telecommunication, Internet and cable TV providers alike will find the services best suited to their needs and ideas from amongst the services offered by our company, be that mere cost cutting or the implementation of complete VOIP accounting.

For prospective individuals, our offering includes the 4Voice CPS service, which can reduce telephone costs by up to 35%; receive and check your fax and voice mail messages simply by e-mail using the Fax to E-mail and Voicemail to E-mail solutions, use our IVR service to establish a professional telephone customer service, or leverage the freedom offered by our Virtual Office service, and replace your physical PBX with the complete PBX service offered by 4Voice via the Internet.

4Voice offers a wide range of services to our telecommunication partners that can be used to easily establish new enterprises within a short period of time, without an investment, and offer exceptionally high quality services to your customers. Use our Accounting service to offer a full range of services to your VOIP or CPS customers, leverage our RealTime Billing solution to display invoice and CDR related information online, and our CallShop service even makes it possible to manage the VOIP telephones installed for your company in your own "business unit" on a Web page. 4Voice also offers an efficient solution for cable TV enterprises so that they can use their existing infrastructure to offer telephone services to their own customers.

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Get acquaint our brand new services and solutions.
Get acquaint our brand new services and solutions.
Here are a few reasons why it is worth to use 4Voice solutions:
  • You can launch your brand new telecommunication service within 2 weeks, and establish your company
  • We offer you the full range of telecommunication services
  • No investment cost
  • No risk
  • Low, traffic dependent costs
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